Polish divers discover secrets of the Inca


Polish scientists searched for traces of the Inca ritual activity in three lakes in the Machu Picchu region of Peru – at an altitude of over 4100 m above sea level. On the shores of the lakes there are ceremonial platforms, from which sacrificial offerings were probably made during rituals.

Particularly two of the lakes surveyed this year – Soctacocha and Yanacocha – are very interesting for researchers. They are located in the vicinity of the well known Inca trail Camino Inca that connects numerous archaeological sites with the famous rock city of Machu Picchu. In times of splendour, more than 500 years ago, the city was surrounded by many temples and settlements. Currently it is the protected area of Machu Picchu National Park and a very popular tourist route.

“We were convinced that it was worth exploring deep into the lakes already during the reconnaissance. It turned out that in both cases there were ceremonial stone platforms by the lakes. Sacrificial offerings were probably made from these platforms during rituals” – Read more.