Frijol Rojo de Seda is a silky red bean just like the name says. It is super important in kitchens throughout Central America. It is also called Salvadoran Red Bean, y cuando yo preguntè a mi amiga Salvadoreña Nadia hoy, she said it’s her favorite, and one of the only foods she cooks. Here’s her recipe: cook the dry beans overnight in a crock pot with ‘consume de pollo’, half a red onion, and half a head of garlic. Serve with ‘Crema Salvadoreña’. We will send Nadia and our godson Aidan some seeds to plant in Houston next year. #frijolsalvadoreño #frijolrojodeseda #frijolesrojosdeseda #frijolrojo #salvadorianredbeans #redsilkbeans #centralamericanredbeans #phaseolusvulgaris #pinktriangle #seedkeeping #seedsaving (at Delaware County, Pennsylvania)