Dear Atticus. Recently, I’ve been on the recieving end of a villain’s attention, and it’s more or less a ‘Skullcrusher Mountain’ scenario. The villain used to work for the same organization that I did, actually, and has revealed to me some dark secrets about my (former?) employers. I don’t exactly hate the villain that has me, even if I think they’re kind of impulsive and a bit incompetent. Do you have any advice? What about advice on mountain lairs? Thank you – C.


I am unfamiliar with this skull crushing mountain, I did a quick internet search and it appears to be a song. Are you beheld by a bard making simeon centaurs? That feels terrifically impractical, though I suppose the sizing fits together.

You appear to be at the crossroads of someone who is willing to casually betray secrets given to them in confidence and someone with an ego large enough to accept the casual dismissal of your needs and desires for freedom.

My recommendation is to find a cave in a mountain, possibly with a few goats about to befriend, and start a life separate from those who are attempting to use you as a pawn against each other.

The iron in our heart was forged to serve your own purpose, not to be wielded as a dagger by one fool to stab another.