Serpents are a holy green

Halos on the bottom of the earth

Very slittering creatures

But there is a spirit to things

What is a snake and why is it important?

Imperial feminism

The medical profession

You should be speaking at my funeral, kid

Healing is not shameful

There is no shame in healing

There is no shame in getting better

All those healthy children

The time in-between

When you feel that poetry is the last thing you need

That’s the time you need poetry most of all

Time is fierce

Pussyfoot doggerel

Fierce winds of it

In this life

There is always time

To make a comeback

Said I, the poets, with their branding

Oh write what you are, poets

Everyone’s a snake

Most of all, including you

You have to steel yourself

From the garden

Be who you are poets

Cold creatures

With no other thought

But to thrive, then kill