{Horse! Love! Never! Dies!}, a poem by Rosebud Ben-Oni

All the horses I’ve loved are from outer spacehorse

All of spacehorse is a multi horseverse

I’m writing

As a spacehorse

& no

I don’t have any starhorse charts or artifact of stellar hoofprint

Or landing on horsemoon proof I get that some of you think you

Own a horse but I don’t

Want to

Spacehorse is wild unplace & I get buck-horse wild with

Earth horses here to get free of your silly rules

About love & etiquette & whatever

Two-legged nonsense

Running at the mouth like a dried-up river when I get all outer outer

Horsespace with darkhorsematter

& speaking

Of all horses sometimes I do

Mean just the one who broke my heart

In Iceland that tangled dark mess of mane I mean

The horse I mean my hair when I speak of horses

I do & don’t only speak Icelandic

Horse need & one

in particular but surely this too is to say all horses are multiverses to me

As outer space horses whose kin are earthly horses

Who one day will leave you & your silly greed

For the moon & the stars when I say they are

All horses & yet you cry,

but you don’t own one a horse, how do you know anything

— & to that no I’m not really


Who wants to own when you can love

Who wants anything but love

Who but my dear spacehorse

The only

In which I can breathe & not worry about rent or hang-ups or titles

Or deed just spacehorse & me

Fucking up your Sundays & your gentle seas

With the inconvenient mess we bleed

Other spacehorses who make me

Their spacehorse main

Girlhorse main womanhorse what on earth

Could ever be better than a brokenhearted space

Horse who teems with more spacehorse & more

Spacehorse debris it falls onto earth & I feast

On every bitter hoof & tasty spacesteed I don’t worry

What others think no I feel sorry for those who say

Spacehorse & I are quite ridiculous when we’re looking into the sky

& know without a doubt in the spacehorse multiverse

That all horses are the one Icelandic horse I knew for less than a week

That I persist

In knowing for almost an entire week

I will always


Spacehorse & Spacehorse