Praise the Rain – Joy Harjo

Praise the rain, the seagull dive

The curl of plant, the raven talk —

Praise the hurt, the house slack

The stand of trees, the dignity —

Praise the dark, the moon cradle

The sky fall, the bear sleep —

Praise the mist, the warrior name

The earth eclipse, the fired leap —

Praise the backwards, upward sky

The baby cry, the spirit food —

Praise canoe, the fish rush

The hole for frog, the upside-down —

Praise the day, the cloud cup

The mind flat, forget it all —

Praise crazy. Praise sad.

Praise the path on which we’re led.

Praise the roads on earth and water.

Praise the eater and the eaten.

Praise beginnings; praise the end.

Praise the song and praise the singer.

Praise the rain; it brings more rain.

Praise the rain; it brings more rain.