I feel like shehearshoofbeats will like this story from my aunt:

OFI Greta, unlike Riena, had her Skogheims Viljar colt 6 days early!   Another colt, but also extremely easy birth and very determined foal!  Up very quickly and nursing right away.  Greta had the cutest reaction I have ever seen.  After pushing the colt out (obviously not a huge struggle), she turned around and jumped, completely startled, to her feet.  She had NO CLUE how that thing got behind her and what to do about it.  Although, she quickly decided he was worth keeping and, for a first timer, was awesome with nursing.

I’m glad these mares are having babies after the sun comes up but before he leaves for work – really couldn’t be more perfect timing.  And now we get a break – Thilde isn’t due for another couple of months!