Grand Central Station is being used for Amtrak’s Albany to NYC line this summer, instead of Penn Station. Enjoy, New York friends. 

“For those of us who are state officials and take Amtrak to Albany,” Mr. Hoylman said, “it is going to be a stark comparative contrast between Penn Station and what a public space should look like.”


ATTENTION: HONY For The Holidays is an annual tradition where we match up people who have nowhere to go for Christmas with people who have an extra place, or five extra places, at their table. As someone who moved to this city without knowing anybody—- I know that holidays are the ABSOLUTE WORST. I think I spent my first Christmas Eve in New York at a 24 hour diner, because I didn’t have the money to go home. If you think you’re heading for a similar situation this Christmas, get in touch, and we’ll set you up with some great food and good company. (Don’t be shy— this doesn’t mean you don’t have any friends. It just means that circumstances have conspired against you for the holidays.)

And if you already have a happy holiday planned, please consider making room for one extra person.

HONY For The Holidays is very carefully screened and organized by my girlfriend Erin. (God bless her angelic, senior-dog-rescuing soul.) She works very hard to match people up, and makes sure that everyone is acquainted beforehand so there are no surprises. It’s a lot of work every year, so to make it easier on her, please only reply if you’ve given it some thought and are serious about participating.

Please email:
If you’d like a place at a table, write GUEST in the subject line
If you have a place at the table, write HOST in the subject line
Include your approximate location and a little bit about yourself!
If you can host, let us know how many people you can accommodate.
Unfortunately, we are only able to match people in NYC. (Or close by.)

Thanks everyone! Last year we had almost 100 matches and nobody had a bad experience. So take a chance and let’s make it even more awesome this year.

Do this.